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Julie Migliaccio

Julie Migliaccio


Julie has been in the fitness industry for more than 20 years as a private trainer, coach and group fitness instructor. Fitness has always been, and will always be her passion.

She found CrossFit in 2009 while looking for a new focus in training. Soon after, she began competing in the sport of fitness as a 2x Regionals Team Athlete and a 1x CrossFit Games Team Athlete. She was trained and mentored by James Fitzgerald and fell in love with Individual Design while working under his guidance.

She now trains for health, vitality, and to be “ready for anything,” but draws from her competitive experience to create well rounded training for individuals from any background.

She demands a lot from her clients, which has helped her cultivate a loyal following. She loves helping people learn to use their bodies in new ways to find out what they are truly capable of. She is the guru on all things gymnastics and bodyweight in the facility, and has a sharp eye for movement quality.

She is passionate about a holistic lifestyle, and uncovering the ways in which nutrition, supplemental support and clean living create a solid foundation for fitness and recovery. She functions as a liaison between clients and naturopathic doctors in the area in order to create a well rounded wellness program.