Body Blast Powered by Gold Coast S&C

Body Blast Powered by Gold Coast S&C

Body Blast and Gold Coast S&C have teamed up to provide high level, sport specific strength and conditioning. We believe that strength and conditioning is important to every athlete, but especially for those in competitive sport. Strength training is imperative for performance longevity, optimal athleticism, maximizing athlete potential, and safety. We focus on movement quality, structural balance, and absolute strength as the foundation of speed and power. Energy systems training, agility, and explosive power training will develop well-rounded athletes.

Through G’s experience as an Athletic Trainer, there will be a strong focus on injury prevention, prehab exercises, and mobility. Helping a committed athlete achieve their goals is our sole priority and true passion.

Athletes will be closely supervised by professional coaches within a competitive, cooperative and positive environment. Nutritional education will be provided to athletes to create healthy habits around nourishing the body for life and sport. Our training programs are structured to support the athlete whether they are in or out of season. Programs can be executed on-site within our facility, or remotely for athletes out of state.


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