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Dave Dekker lifting

David Dekker

After years of working out, I decided to commit to private programming. I did so because I found myself favoring athletic strengths in workouts and ignoring plaguing weaknesses. These imbalances, while subtle, were having a negative impact on my wellness and athletic performance. Private programming has allowed me to address these physical imbalances. My coach and I, as a team, work to strengthen and overcome old injuries, address mobility issues which hinder proper movement and improve techniques for overall health. Private programming requires a commitment to self-awareness as workouts are designed to be physically and/or mentally difficult. Our competitive nature and perhaps denial, push us to ignore our poor execution. Private programming helps us harness the will to get better and constantly work towards improving. I have found Revolution to be a great place to train due to its truly supportive and non-judgmental environment.

All Coaches seem dedicated to helping, as evidenced by those who have approached me with a suggestion or technique improvement. It is so appreciated!