Client Stories

Mike Bivona

Mike Bivona

Gold Coast strength and conditioning is the best gym around. If you are looking for classic group crossfit classes, the facilities, programming, and people are all great. If you are looking for a personalized program to help you meet your goals with coaches who listen and truly care, there is no better place around.

I loved my time in the group classes and forged many deep friendships through them. But my fitness really took off when I moved to the personalized track. Every day builds on the last and there are constant adjustments based on how I feel and how well I am performing. The knobs and levers are always being tweaked to meet me where I am at that moment. And the results certainly show.

Tom and Abi treat every client with the upmost care and attention. They are not just outstanding coaches, but they are also outstanding people who care deeply for others and want everyone around them to succeed.

Join Gold Coast. You won’t regret it.