Client Stories

Nicole DiMeglio smiling

Nicole DiMeglio

Training has always been a huge part of my life and I was always trying to look for the right program that would fit my own specific needs. Prior to private programming, I had been experiencing some areas of weakness that held me back from accomplishing a lot of my goals. Making the decision to pursue private programming was a personal choice that I made to challenge myself, work on my weaknesses, and become an overall better athlete.

Private programming for me is a different experience. Compared to group classes, private programming is a time that I set aside for myself, whether it is working out alone or alongside others that are doing their own programming. During that time, it is a chance for me to focus on my own goals. It is much more personal in the sense that I am able to be in tune with myself for the amount of time I am working out.

My program design is something that I look forward to completing each day. It is so much fun! Being challenged mentally and physically allows me to push myself to the limit. I am provided with the opportunity to better myself as well as reach specific goals that I have discussed with my coach, Jay. Knowing that he designs my program specifically for me makes the overall experience that much better.

Through out this experience, my body has never felt better. My weaknesses have come a long way, which have been showing in numbers and all of my workouts. I continuously receive feedback from Jay based on the day’s workout as well as promptness on scheduling times to meet at any point during the week. My overall confidence has boosted knowing that I have the support and guidance from Jay as well as the rest of the Revolution Fitness team. The knowledge and passion they have shows within each and every one of their clients.

My goals involve increasing strength numbers, aerobic capacity, and cleaning up some gymnastics skills. My biggest accomplishment thus far has been continuously hitting the numbers I strive for in each session. Being consistent has really allowed me to cherish all of my workouts and know that there is progress being made each day.

I highly recommend private programming to everyone! Although it may be out of your comfort zone, private programming is a life changing experience. Being able to challenge yourself and focus on things that you normally wouldn’t, really goes a long way. Everyone has different needs and goals that are worked through with a coach. Taking the time to focus on a private program that works best for you is a step in beginning a new journey and enhancing your own fitness experience.