What We Offer

Individual Design

With Individual Program Design, you will receive an effective training plan from one of our professional coaches. Your training will stem from the results of your assessment, coupled with your personal goals. We deliver fitness for sport specific athletes, as well as individuals simply looking to move well and get fit.

Sport Specific Strength and Conditioning

We believe that strength and conditioning is important to every athlete, but especially so for specialized athletes. Proper strength training is imperative for performance longevity, optimal athleticism, maximizing potential, and safety. We focus on movement quality, structural balance, and absolute strength as the foundation of speed and power.

Personal & Small Group Training

We offer personal and small group training services for those who prefer more hands on guidance and coaching during each training session. This is also a great service for those looking to work on specific technical skills with one of our professional coaches.

Functional Fitness Classes (Stamford Only)

A group class designed to train all aspects of fitness. In our classes we focus on:

  • Olympic Lifting Skill
  • Gymnastics Skill
  • Strength
  • Muscle Endurance
  • Aerobic Capacity

No matter your current level of fitness, our program is designed to give you a well rounded base for life.